Kat Zotti Handmade

A solo artist making unique handheld treasures.

Kat Zotti Handmade is a Baltimore based small business specializing in copper jewelry and miniature pottery.

Proud member of the Made in Baltimore Program

About Me

Kat Zotti

artist and owner

         Hello there, I am Kat Zotti, a full-time artist. I love to make precious pieces from a wide variety of mediums. I have been drawing since I could write, knitting since I was 6, and sewing since I was 8. I am LGBTQ and a proud resident of Baltimore City.

     The potter’s wheel became my friend in 2012. While studying at the Maryland Institute College of Art I mainly focused in costumes, fashion, and theater. By the time I graduated from MICA, there were few mediums I wasn’t comfortable with! Post-graduation I sewed for Worthy Threads, a children's fashion company, for over 4 years as they grew from the early days of small business to a thriving brand. I also have been lucky to meet Cat Cooke, owner of Dry Bones Emporium. She has a unique bone jewelry business that I have been a production craftsperson for, for over 4 years. 

     Since Fall of 2021, launching Kat Zotti Handmade has been my constant mission. My studio time has helped me thrive, and I am hoping the progress of my small business can keep me in there. This shop supports my artistic career directly. It is always kind to shop local and support small businesses, so I appreciate you visiting!


Are your ceramics safe to eat from?

-Heckin' yes! I started making these for my tea bags and side sauces, so I never make my tableware pieces out of non-food safe glazes. I only use non-food safe glazes in planter pots. These vessels always have holes in them for soil aeration and so you can't even try to pour soy sauce in my mini planters. Nice try, weirdo.  

Are your ceramics safe to microwave?

-All of my ceramics are safe to microwave with the exception of metallic glazes. I mark this detail in the item descriptions and will include a reminder in my note in your package. That being said, don't microwave my 2"mini dishes for more than a minute, that just can't be good!

How do your pieces ship?

-Look out for a red 6x6x3" box or a 9x6" padded red envelope. I have LOTS of padding materials to make sure my pieces are safe. From experience, I prefer to ship with UPS, but I have made USPS options available.

What's the return policy?

-Please email katzotti@gmail.com for returns you wish to ship within 7 days of receiving. Sorry it didn't work out, love! If you'll kindly pay to ship it back I can issue a refund for the cart total when I receive the piece(s) back.

Are any jewelry pieces available in metals other than copper?

-Nope! I just love copper so much it's all I want to work with personally. I make jewelry with DryBones that very different and all kinds of metal, so I kindly suggest looking there.

Will you be vending in person?

-I am present every Saturday at the 32nd Street Farmer's Market from 7am to Noon. Visit the market's website here (https://www.32ndstreetmarket.org/) for more info.

-A selection of my work can be shopped in person at Rosekemp Studio, Baltimore (https://www.formerhousewife.com/rosekemp-studio).